Rental Business

Rent with ease whenever necessary.
We are looking forward to being of service while preparing perfectly-maintained construction machinery.

Our Rental Business Division was introduced as a rental business unit of the CKK Group so as to respond to needs for general construction machines and other related vehicles.
We have a wide variety of cranes so as to respond to various customer needs both at home and abroad.
Due to increased inquiries from overseas in recent years, we are now conducting crane rental business in Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan, etc.

We always make many types of models available in a perfectly-maintained state so that we can select and provide suitable models according to the details of work and construction.
We also conduct training by our experienced staff members. Please feel free to consult us.

Environmental Initiatives

In recent years, construction sites have been starting to enhance environmental initiatives, while emission and noise restrictions are becoming increasingly stringent. To respond to such strict worksites, we have promptly introduced vehicles complying with the Tier 3.5 emission control, including Kato SR250Ri, HD820-6, and Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-3C4.

Precautions for using rental service

(1)The renter is requested to purchase insurance for the rental period.
(2)We lend machines only; an operator is not included.
(3)The renter shall bear all overhead expenses, maintenance and operation costs, and consumables, etc. associated with the handover and collection of the machine.
(4)The renter shall be liable for the management and storage of the rented item during the rental period.
(5)Usage other than for the intended purpose, modification of the rented item, or lending to the third party, shall not be allowed.
(6)In the event that any abnormality, such as damage, malfunction, and/or theft occurring to the rented item, the renter shall immediately notify the lender and shall take necessary action after confirming with the lender.
(7)If the renter is deemed to be liable for the damage, theft, and/or loss of the rented item, the renter shall bear the consequential expenses.
(8)New customers are requested to pay in advance.
(9)Rental fees shall be paid in cash.
(10)For failures of the rented item, the lender shall do its best for the recovery and continued use; however, the lender shall not be liable for any compensation in the event of delay, etc. of the work.
(11)All shall comply with our rental agreement.

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