Crane Leasing Business

Crane leasing that responds to various needs

In 1992, we established the Crane Business Division and started crane operation work such as heavy load/machinery carry-in, installation, erection, etc.
Our Crane Leasing Division makes a wide variety of cranes available so as to respond to various customer needs.
In addition, we implement operator education based on our in-house program to nurture operators with a high level of safety awareness.
We have won a high degree of trust in the industry for our effectiveness and safety operation control, in addition to the fact that all the crane construction work is covered by insurance. For the future, we will tackle our work with even higher efficiency and safety, while responding to ever-diversifying needs.

Operating Bases

[Business Locations]
CK Lease Co., Ltd. : Nagoya City, Aichi Pref.
    ■Kuwana office : Kuwana City, Mie Pref.
CK Lease Co., Ltd. Chiba branch : Ichihara City, Chiba Pref.

By the use of our own network, leasing of crane with operator is available in any area of Japan.

Models owned

Rough-terrain crane (13t - 80t)

This is the most practical model in the construction industry today, capable of supporting various types of worksite. In addition, CKK Group has promptly introduced the latest models as part of its environmental considerations.

All-terrain crane (100t - 400t)

Large-scale models that can support increasingly taller buildings and narrower worksites in recent years.

Crawler crane (55t - 350t)

This model can support wide-range, high-lift applications that cannot be supported by rough-terrain or all-terrain cranes.

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