We aim to be true specialists, not merely a group of professionals

CKK Group took its first step as a sales and repair shop for construction machinery in 1963, a time of rapid economic growth for Japan.
Since then, we have steadily built up our track record and obtained social trust in a step-by-step manner, amid the achievements of production industries as a whole in their remarkable development, domestic advancement in infrastructure improvement, and a booming construction rush.

Now that upsizing and specialization have been promoted in transportation methods and heavy-machine operations along with technological advancement, providing technologies in an accurate, adequate, and prompt manner is demanded around the world.
The time for us has now come to fully exploit the true value of our technologies. Now, the “age of opportunities” has arrived, in which we can transform our accumulated technologies into safety and services to be securely delivered to our customers.
We hope you will have high expectations that CKK Group will continue to make great and powerful advances as a company that provides behind-the-scenes support to create a comfortable society.

KANTO 関東鉄工株式会社

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